Data Analysis

Did you know that many companies (both foreign and local) today would prefer to hire candidates with DATA ANALYSIS skills, especially for high value positions? 
DATA is a key competitive advantage even for companies and they want people who can make data driven decisions and analysis!
Don’t get stuck in the past, upgrade your skills today and add more value to your career and life. For those looking to emigrate to Canada and UK, this is a must have skill.

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This book makes it easy for you to learn and immediately start using Power BI without having to take a leave off work or risk migraines. I have used very easy to follow illustrations with a hands-on approach to ensure that it would be fun and easy for you. You are already a busy professional, this book is to fit perfectly into your life and not disrupt it.


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"UrBizEdge offers world class training on Office 365 tools with diligent and well experienced lecturers. I like their training. Very impactful."
Kazeem Shomade
"From the time i spent there, i realized it was a really good place to work. The trainer was excellent and the topics covered the right areas where i struggle daily. Their support was phenomenal and i was introduced to an online community with a lot of vast experiences in the world of Excel and analysis. Truly great place to work!"
nwadialor stephen obie

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