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Free Data Analysis Training with Certificate

Have you been wanting to skill up for a career upgrade or break into the in-demand data analysis global talent pool?

Here is your chance to grab a certificate cost for free. You also get a shot at our physical class session in Lagos Nigeria and Ontario Canada.

Data Analysis Training

Free Data Analysis Training

Did you know that many companies (both foreign and local) today would prefer to hire candidates with data analysis skills, especially for high value positions? Data is a key competitive advantage for companies and they want people who can make data driven decisions and analysis! To make informed business decisions, organizations must have data analysts that can help analyze and interpret business data.

This data analysis course has been designed to impart the skills needed to kickstart a career as data analyst or upskill for a domain specific career development. Examples of domain specific career upgrades are HR business analyst, supply chain analyst, operations analyst, logistics analyst, financial analyst and cloud security analyst.

The course will focus on Excel for analyzing data, data visualization, reports automation and dashboard creation.

What Is The Data Analysis Course Syllabus?

The course syllabus covers the following knowledge areas;

  • Basic Microsoft Excel
  • Data Entry and Manipulation in Excel
  • Charts
  • Pivot Table & Pivot Charts
  • Formulas & Functions
  • Text, Times, and Dates Data Formats
  • Analyzing Data With Pivot Tables
  • Data Reporting With Excel Charts

What is the free training program schedule like?

Due to the volume of registration entries, some selected participants will get signed up for the physical class in our Lagos Nigeria and Ontario Canada training center. While everyone will get our online course lifetime access via an email.

What Training Materials/Resources Do I Need For The Course?

Participants selected for the physical class are required to come with a working laptop which has been preinstalled with Microsoft Excel.

Reach out with any questions you have.

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